Some stairs that lead up to your attic will have a protection or guardrail to stop individuals from slipping down the stairs or off of them. Attic handrails safeguards can offer property owners with a little assurance if they simply adhere to the handful of basic actions. See to it that the handrails are at least 42 inches in height. 42 inches is the minimum altitude for guard rails and may be looked for in the uniform building regulations.

The uniform building regulations is the Bible to the building market and set the requirement for current building and renovation work such as replacing garage door springs Las Vegas.

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The 42 inches will be estimated from the flooring to the top of the handrails. Some older houses will have handrails that are 36 inches and a few of them will be in fact, 30 inches in height. A 30-inch handrail gives minimal safety for anybody who is more than 5 foot high. 30 inches ends up being the focal point for anyone over 60 inches and these individuals might simply tip over the short handrails.

Now for the houses that do not have any attic hand rails safeguards systems. Some houses that were constructed prior to the 1960s will not have a handrails system at all in the staircase. Keep a little something in mind here, when these individuals were constructing these homes, a few of them were attempting to save cash, a few of them figured that it wasn’t going to be a big deal and other contractors basically forgot to install them.

It’s not difficult to set up a working attic handrails for protection however always remember that if the handrails aren’t the ideal height, it will offer you minimal security. Attic handrails that are lower than 30 inches can offer little ones or others who are smaller than 5 feet with really little safety, however, might be a security threat to anybody over 5 feet high.

If your attic does not have a security handrail, use caution and look out in these places of your house. It would not be a bad plan to set up a locking doorknob if your attic has access to a door that can be safeguarded to stop little kids or other individuals from getting in these risky places.

How to Erect an Attic Railing